Отборочный Тест

Всем желающим получить дополнительную квалификацию "Переводчик в сфере профессиональной коммуникации" предлагаем проверить уровень знаний английского языка, проделав пробный тест:
Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. She’s ... university teacher.
A a B an C the D one
2. Is this coat ... ?
A yours B your C the your
3. Is Diana ... ?
A a friend of yours B a your friend C your friends
4. ... is your phone number?
A Which B What C How
5. Could I have ... drink?
A other B another C an other
6. There aren’t ... for everybody.
A chairs enough B enough chairs C enough of chairs
7. They’re ... young to get married.
A too much B too C very too
8. Most ... like travelling.
A of people B of the people C people
9. Ann and Peter phone... every day.
A them B themself C themselves D each other
10. It’s ... weather.
A terrible B a terrible C the terrible
11. This is ... winter for 20 years.
A the more bad B worse C the worse D worst E the worst
12. She’s much taller... me.
A than B as C that
13. He lives in the same street ... me.
A that B like C as D than
14. Her eyes ... a very light blue.
A are B have C has
15. ... help me?
A Can you to B Do you can C Can you
16. You ... worry about it.
A not must B don’t must C mustnot D mustn’t
17. It ... again. It ... all the time here in the winter.
A ‘s raining, ‘s raining B rains, rains C rains, ‘s raining D ‘s raining, rains
18. I ... she ... you.
A think, likes B am thinking, is liking C think, is liking D am thinking, likes
19. Who ... the window?
A open B opened C did opened
20. Why ...?
A those men are laughing B are laughing those men C are those men laughing
21. What...?
A does she want B does she wants C she wants
22. I didn’t... he was at home.
A to think B think C thinking D thought
23. ... a hole in my sock.
A There’s B It’s C It is D Is
24. I’ll see you ... Tuesday afternoon.
A at B on C in
25. We’re going ... the opera tomorrow night.
A at B – C in D to
26. I went out without ... money.
A some B any
27. He’s got ... money.
A much B many C a lot of
28. Although he felt very..., he smiled ... .
A angrily, friendly B angry, friendly C angry, in a friendly way
29. I ... to America.
A have often been B often have been C have been often
30. My mother ... my birthday.
A always forgets B always is forgetting C forgets always
31. You look ... a teacher.
A like B as C the same like
32. How many brothers and sisters ... ?
A have you get B do you have C are you having
33. Good! I ... work tomorrow.
A mustn’t B don’t have to C haven’t to
34. I ... smoke.
A didn’t used to B use to C used to
35. Andrew ... to see us this evening.
A is come B comes C is coming
36. Alice ... have a baby.
A will B shall C is going to
37. I knew that he ... waiting for somebody.
A is B was C would
38. ... Gloria last week?
A Have you seen B Did you see C Were you seeing
39. She’s an old friend – I ... her ... years.
A ‘ve known, for B know, for C ‘ve known, since
40. We met when we ... in France.
A studied B were studying C had studied
41. As soon as she came in I knew I... her before.
A have seen B saw C had seen
42. This picture ... by a friend of my mother’s.
A is painting B is painted C was painted
43. Try ... be late.
A not to B to not
44. I went to London ... clothes.
A for buy B for to buy C for buying D to buy
45. You can’t live very long without ... .
A to eat B eat C eating D you eat
46. I enjoy ..., but I wouldn’t like ... it all my life.
A to teach, to do B teaching, doing C to teach, doing D teaching, to do
47. Her parents don’t want ... married.
A her to get B her get C that she get D that she gets
48. I’m not sure what ...
A do they want? B do they want. C they want.
49. I... you if you ... that again.
A hit, say B ‘ll hit, ‘ll say C hit, ‘ll say D ‘ll hit, say
50. It would be nice if we ... a bit more room.
A would have B had C have
51. If you ... me, I... in real trouble last year.
A didn’t help, would have been
B hadn’t helped, would have been
C hadn’t helped, would be
D didn’t help, would be
52. There’s the; man ... took your coat.
A which B who C that D –
53. He was wearing... riding boots.
A red old Spanish leather
B old leather red Spanish
C old red Spanish leather
D Spanish red old leather
54. ... he gets. ... .
A The richer, the more friends he has
B Richer, more he has friends
C Richer, more friends he has
D The richer, the more he has friends
55. That ... be Roger at the door – it’s too early.
A canot B mustn’t C couldn’t
56. At last, after three days, they... get to die top of the mountain.
A could B managed to C succeeded to
57. It was crazy to drive like that You ... killed somebody.
A may have B might have C could have
58. I wonder if John ... this evening.
A will phone B phones
59. Who ... you that ring? A ‘s given B gave
60. He ... quite different since he ... married.
A is, has got B has been, has got C has been, got
61. This is the first time I ... a sports car.
A ‘ve driven B ‘m driving C drive
62. On her birthday ... .
A She was given a new car B a new car was given to her
63. We can’t use the sports hall yet because it ... .
A is still built B is still building C is still being built
64. I look forward ... you soon.
A seeing B to seeing C to see
65. If you have trouble going to sleep, try... a glass of milk before bedtime.
A drinking B to drink C drink
66. This is my friend Joe. I ... met, have you?
A don’t think you’ve B think you haven’t
67. How ...!A he works hard B hard he works
68. Nobody phoned, did ... ?
A he B she C they D it E he or she F anybody
69. If you were ever in trouble, I would give you all the help you ... .
A will need B would need C need D needed
70. My wife will be upset ... .
A If I don’t get back tomorrow B unless I get back tomorrow
71. It’s time you ... home, but I’d rather you ... here.
A go. stay B went, stayed C go. stayed D went, stay
72. I wish I ... more time.
A had B have C would have D will have
73. John Hastings … has just come to live in our street.
A that I was at school with
B I was at school with
C with who I was at school
D with whom I was at school
74. She keeps tapping her fingers, ... gets on my nerves.
A which B what C that which
75. Can you finish the job ... Friday?
A till B until C by D in

Ключи к тесту:

1. a
2. a
3. a
4. b
5. b
6. c
7. b
8. b
9. d
10. a
11. d
12. a
13. c
14. a
15. c
16. d
17. d
18. a
19. b
20. c
21. a
22. b
23. a
24. b
25. d
26. b
27. c
28. c
29. a
30. a
31. a
32. b
33. b
34. c
35. c
36. c
37. b
38. b
39. a
40. b
41. c
42. c
43. a
44. d
45. c
46. d
47. a
48. c
49. d
50. b
51. b
52. b
53. c
54. a
55. c
56. b
57. c
58. a
59. a
60. c
61. a
62. a
63. c
64. b
65. a
66. b
67. b
68. c
69. d
70. a
71. b
72. a
73. d
74. a
75. c

Критерии определения уровня знаний:
0-25 верных ответов - уровень Elementary
26-50 верных ответов - уровень Pre - Intermediate
51 - 75 верных ответов - уровень Intermediate.

Отборочный тест будет проведён на организационном собрании 10 сентября 2010г. в 15:40 в ауд. 401 корпус 3.


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